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Skanor Group

Enabling the transition to a transparent bio feedstock supply chain


Our Focus

We are currently fundraising. We will specialise in Series A funding and aim for a 20-30% stake, adapting to investor preferences for strategic exits within 5 years. Our focus on effective exit strategies and a single vertical equips us with the expertise to support our investees with essential knowledge and networks. We can also choose entering with seed capital or in later stages if that makes sense for supporting our focus on the bio feedstock vertical.

Who We Are

Our team of entrepreneurs, executives, and investors excels in driving growth and innovation. We invest in customer-focused teams with a vision for global expansion. Leveraging our extensive financial expertise and corporate executive insights, we offer strategic support and a robust network for our investees. Our goal: to foster significant achievements and nurture transformative business success. Complementing the core team is a group of experts and mentors in the fields of technology, bio refinery, forestry management, and supply chain.

What We Do

The bio feedstock supply chain is a crucial process that handles the sourcing, transportation, and processing of biological materials used in bioenergy, biomaterials, and other bio products. It involves collecting organic matter such as crops, forest residues, algae, and other various bio waste, and then moving them to facilities for conversion into usable products through biological, chemical, or thermal methods. Understanding and improving the efficiency and sustainability of this supply chain is vital for the success and environmental friendliness of bio-based materials. We are keen to invest and learn more and support advancements in this area.

About Us


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Tim de Knegt


Bart J. ten Brink


Susanna Bondéus

Magnus Lind

Peter Hottinger

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