SKANOR GROUP has acted as seed investor in AEONIAN since 2019 and currently owns 91.04%.

SKANOR GROUP is planning its IPO in 2024 (when the market conditions are more favorable). We aim for our early shareholders, at the time of the IPO, to have had a positive and profitable experience from their investment in SKANOR GROUP.

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SKANOR GROUP Ltd is a private investment company preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) currently planned for 2024; or later when the market conditions are more favorable. SKANOR GROUP is incorporated in London, UK. 

Our strategy is to build an investment portfolio with companies emerging from the idea and innovation phase and together with partners develop these companies into revenue generators.

SKANOR GROUP invests to contribute to a circular economy in an untapped growth market, with protected IP or patentable technology, and prospective cash flow generation. 

SKANOR GROUP was founded by Magnus Lind and Susanna Bondéus Lind in the medieval seaside resort, Skanör, in the south of Sweden.


Our early years were spent fine tuning our strategies.

During that time, we published FINANCE UNLEASHED – Leveraging the CFO for Innovation. FINANCE UNLEASHED outlines our vision for cooperative financial corporate management leveraging the financial supply chain for innovation and growth.

SKANOR GROUP has a unique perspective on corporate finance development and management. When investing, we use these investment criteria:

• Circular economy principles.
• The market shall be of a significant size with a foreseeable, steady growth.
• Cash flow generation is the financial focus of the business.
• The technology developed can be protected with a strategic portfolio of patents and other IP rights.
• There shall exist financial incentives and supply chain financing opportunities, adopting the FINANCE UNLEASHED methodologies.


AEONIAN is accelerating the transition from fossil carbon with the aim to build a large-scale biocarbon manufacturing platform.

The renewable carbon is produced from agriculture, forestry, and other waste streams, creating a circular climate-friendly industry.

The technological platform is based on international patents.

SKANOR GROUP has acted as seed investor in AEONIAN since 2019 and currently owns 91.04%.