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FINANCE UNLEASHED - named among best CFO book of all times

FINANCE UNLEASHED - Leveraging the CFO for Innovation has been named among the best "Best CFO Books of All Time" by Book Authority.

FINANCE UNLEASHED unleashes the opportunities from the inefficient money flows in the supply chains of non-financial companies. For over a decade the CEO and chairpersons have raised the expectations on the CFO to become a driver of business (example here).

Today much of finance is Leashed, not Unleashed. Finance is the one who ensures the stability, compliance and the truth. Finance has until now had the inside-out role which you can optimize with what is sometimes called Business Partnering. This role will remain with the CFO. Yet, the CFO also owns and controls the financial supply chain, which is the role to eradicate waste and costs. It also includes the responsibility to add superior financial value to the customers. This is the outside-in role.

FINANCE UNLEASHED puts this transformation into context and provides a model for the CFO migration to cover both roles.

A complete CFO focuses both on revenue growth and cost management.

A complete CFO is therefore adding the outside-in role to the inside-out role.

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